Volunteering is a great way to meet people and foster friendships and connections.  There are many jobs to do before, during and after the festival.  Please consider volunteering.  Here is a list of the Committee Chairs and their responsibility for the festival.  Contact any of them or Ron Swank to volunteer.  You may also fill out the form to contact Chris Peters.

Chris Peters--Room Set-up; Vendors; Exhibits; Extras & Signs and Demonstrations (Liz Meyer)

Carla Arnold--Make It and Take It; Gourd Store; Silent Auction; People's Choice

Carolyn Frazier--Admissions; Member & Visitor Support; Gourd Retrieval; Hospitality Room

Patricia McRae--Registration; Prospectus; Show Staging

Barbs Gamel and Amy Brasley--Advertising

Membership Table--Paige Ecklebarger

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