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If you have any questions contact the festival chairperson, Ron Swank or Chris Peters.

We’ll see you at the festival!

Ron Swank—Overall Chair and Advertising, 208-914-1776,

Chris Peters—Room Set-up; Vendors; Exhibits; Extras & Signs, 208-697-3102,

Liz Meyer—Demonstrations, 208-880-2632,

Amy Halladay—Make It and Take It, 951-533-6540,

Wanda Walker—Gourd Store, 208-288-0757,

La-Rae Palmanteer—Silent Auction, 208-891-6761, Also Judges and Winners Records in coordination with Carolyn Spaltro

Carol Joyce—Silent Auction, 208-906-1469,

Carolyn Spaltro is our Head Judge and handles Winners Records, 208-608-0972,

Carolyn Frazier—People’s Choice Award and Advertising (with Amy Brasley), 208-385-0494,

Corlis Kent—Admissions; Member & Visitor Support; Gourd Retrieval; Hospitality Room, 208-362-5095,

Patricia McRae—Registration; Prospectus; Show Staging (Carla Arnold with Donna Kirk), 208-891-0231,

Membership Table—Linda Lee Huntley, 208-615-7257,

Saturday Night Festival Dinner—Sue Kostka, 208-880-0314,