Links to online supplies and resources. 

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Amish Gourds - Gourds, tools and supplies, books, Proxxon power tools

Betsy Sloan- The Pod Lady - Pods, books, beads, and botanicals

Dick Blick - Pens, paints, oils, supplies, containers and storage.

Blue Whale Arts - Gourd lights, bead, dyes, pods and natural embellishments.

The Caning Shop - Books, tools, wood burning tools, threads and cords,& exotic materials.

Garry Carr- Gourd-designs - High end  gourd art.

Cascade Carvers Supply - Carving tools and gloves, magnifiers, Apoxie Sculpt.

Chipping Away - Carving tools, air brushing systems, foredoomed pore tools

Craftwarehouse - Many kinds of arts and crafts supplies, pens, material, paints.

Jan Cunningham- The Pampered Gourd - Feathers, botanicals, pods, waxed linen, artificial sinew

D & B Supply - Hardware, tools, pig panels for arbors to grow gourds upon.

Del Rio Botanical - Gourd seeds, vegetable seed wholesale, gourmet produce box delivery

Kristy Dial-Gecko Gourds - Beautiful southwestern style gourds

Drake Knives - Beautifully crafted quality knives for chip carving

Glitz Beadz - A huge selection of beads, classes and finished pieces for sale

Idaho Tool - One stop shop for all new and used tools. Burrs and bits for all carving  projects.

Lee Valley Tools - High quality woodworking , wood burning, wood finishing, woodcarving tools. Hardware and sharpening  supplies.

Maria's Art Creations - Paints, Jacquard inks and mediums, memories ink dyes,tools, glues and embellishments

Miriam Joy - Rubber templates, wax melting and designing tools, instructional DVD's, cutting tools, gemstones, beads, and embellishments.

North End Organic Nursery - Landscaping, classes, organic lawn care

Orr Trading Company - Beads, crystals,charms,skulls and claws, shells, feathers, conchos, arrowheads, other embellishments.

Razortip Industries - Gourd and wood burners, about 800 different tips for all of your burning needs

Sculpt Nouveau - Patinas and Metal Finishes   

Smoky Mountain Wood Carvers - Carving tools, burrs, burning tools, finishes, kits, books, anything you would need for carving, chip carve ring tools

Ron Swank- Rising Sunflower Flutes - Home of the Thunder drum and the supplies to make one. Flutes made from sunflower stalks. New gourd art using lasers to cut designs

Tandy Leather - Feibing’s dye, leather, artificial sinew

Treeline- Treeline USA - Power carving tools and burrs, sanding, pyrography supplies, traditional carving.

Ram Products, Inc. - Powerful and quiet microcarvers.  Rechargeable battery and AC carvers at various prices, burr box.

Turbo Carver - Incredibly smooth and as easy to use as a pencil. Create detailed relief carvings. Very light weight and easy to use.

Turtle Feathers Inc - Pine needles for weaving, gliders paste, beads, books and tutorials

Welburn Gourd Farm - Gourds, inks,tools,books, wood burners, power carvers.

Woodcraft Shop - Power tools, gouges, bits and burrs, books, patterns, chip carving tools and paints.

Woodcraft of Boise - our very own project headquarters. They have gourd supplies, burning, carving, sanding, and clamping. Always great service

Wuertz Gourd Farm - Gourds,  dyes, scrubbers, gourd cleaning tools

Zamzows - Seeds and all accessories  for growing plants. Fertilizer, feed

Susan Zanella- The Gourd Market - Gourds, embellishments, light kits and beads

Member Chia Wood's website of gourd musical instruments: